Safeguarding your employees as well as your business

Most seasoned business owners have gone through the workers compensation process at least once. Workers compensation claims are tough without the right insurance agency on your side. At The Keats Agency, we can help you avoid some roadblocks that may face your business when dealing with workers compensation.

Our agency has been around for over 20 years, and we have helped countless businesses uphold the workers compensation laws in their state. Our agents know the workers compensation process in and out and can help you understand it better too. We can prepare your business for any detrimental workers compensation issue that could occur.

Protecting your business from a claim you did not see coming

If you work in an office setting, you might think your company is safe from at-work injuries. Regardless of your industry or safety standards, situations that require filing a workers compensation claim can occur.

The price of indemnity benefits continues to increase despite the number of workers compensation claims staying predictable. For example, Georgia has settled around 36,364 workers compensation claims. However, the amount of indemnity benefits have nearly doubled on average – from as low as $483,978,785 in 2006 to as high as $1,130,283,743 in 2011.

Workers compensation insurance from The Keats Agency can be the counter to the rising indemnity benefits. Our policy can be the financial backer necessary for workers compensation, and our agents can even help you through the claims process.

To find out more about workers compensation insurance, contact us at (888) 804-5744 or swing by one of our offices in New York or Georgia. You can also fill out our online form to get a free quote.