Make sure no liability raindrops fall on your head with umbrella insurance

Whether it is for your car, your home, or your family’s future finances, The Keats Agency works hard to make sure you have comprehensive coverage you and your family can trust. However, every policy, no matter how comprehensive, will have gaps that can leave you exposed in the case of loss. That is why our agency can also provide you with umbrella insurance, a policy designed to shield you from excess liability costs.

Since 1993, The Keats Agency has provided East Coast residences with insurance tailored to their personal situations. Our agents have several decades of combined experience constructing policies people can lean on, saving them from out-of-pocket expenses they were not prepared for. We can make sure you are prepared for a rainy day, building the umbrella policy that fits the excess liability you need covered.

We can find you the umbrella that covers you best

While there are many predictable risks, there are many you may not be aware of. How can you find coverage for something you don’t expect? Liability is everywhere, and with the liability limits of standard homeowners and auto insurance, you need a reinforcement to protect your risks.

The cost of umbrella insurance may seem unnecessary to you, but you can remove latent insurance nightmares at a reasonable price. Wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about whether liability claims and lawsuits fall under your insurance coverage?

Let The Keats Agency cover you with umbrella insurance so you are not standing out in the rain. To learn more, stop by one of our offices in New York or Georgia, or call (888) 804-5744. You can also fill out our online form to get a free quote.