Be the life of the party with special event insurance

At The Keats Agency, we know you diligently plan your special events so you can rock and roll all night, and party every day. We have the special event coverage to help your party go off without a hitch.

Special event insurance can be there to help cover expenses so you do not need to re-plan everything on your own dime. One of our agents can help you protect your special event from the bad and the unexpected. They can be right by your side, from finding you the policy that fulfills your needs all the way through the circumstances when you need to file a claim.

Be prepared if it rains on your parade

Special events are hard to plan, but no matter how much you try to ensure everything goes smoothly, big bumps can derail all of your efforts. Imagine you are a bride planning a wedding, which requires an unquantifiable amount of time and effort. Two days before you are supposed to walk down the aisle, your groom gets sick. What are you supposed to do? Bite the bullet and cover the costs yourself?

The Keats Agency has the special event insurance you need to ensure you stay a thriving party planner, not a disappointed party pooper. Our agency has been serving the East Coast since 1993, and we can serve your insurance needs too. Our agents have the expertise and industry experience to make sure you have the special event insurance you need.

Don’t let an uncontrollable mishap cause you to throw your bash into the trash. Before you get the party started, stop by one of our locations in New York or Georgia, or give us a call at (888) 804-5744 to make sure your party is off the hook. You can also fill out our online form to get a free quote in minutes.