Cover your valuables with renters insurance from The Keats Agency

While it is cheaper than investing in a home, renting an apartment can be very expensive. According to 2013 Census Statistics, 47.6 percent of renters spent at least a third of their income on rental payments and utilities. The cost of living across the country is going up, and with more renters than ever, the amount people spend on rent and utilities will surely go up too.

With all these expenses stretching budgets, renters insurance is becoming a neglected necessity. A 2014 Insurance Information Institute poll revealed only 37 percent of renters said they had renters insurance. While that number has increased over the past three years, several remained uncovered and vulnerable to high replacement costs.

The Keats Agency can help you protect your possessions, closing loopholes your landlord’s property insurance brings. We have over two decades of experience helping renters from several states find the insurance solutions they need, and we can do the same for you too.

Protect the things your landlord’s insurance does not

A common misconception when it comes to insuring an apartment or any other rental space is how much of the insurance burdens lie on the landlord. In truth, a landlord’s insurance policy only covers the bones of the space; you are responsible for insuring everything you put into the space you are renting.

At The Keats Agency, our agents can help find you the coverage you need for your insurance. We can ensure all of your personal belongings are insured if they were to get damaged or stolen, building a policy that fits what you do and how you live.

Find out more information on your renters insurance office by calling (888) 804-5744, or fill out our online form to get a free quote. If you want a more personal touch, stop by one of our offices in New York or Georgia so we can get to know you and your living situation better.