Homeowners and Household Insurance Policies

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Owning a home, whether it’s a house or an apartment, requires some planning in case of unexpected calamities. If your insurance policy doesn’t cover your possessions, you will be responsible for covering any damages that may occur from a flood, fire, theft or other natural or human-made disasters. Home insurance may also be able to help you if you are liable for damages to another person’s property or an injury sustained on your property. Similarly, you could also obtain coverage for court fees, food and shelter if you have to leave your home. Having a discussion with an insurance agent from Keats Insurance can help you figure out which type of insurance fits your unique needs.

Buying home insurance is the way to ensure your financial protection in case your house is destroyed or damaged. Homeowners insurance can vary from the most basic fire and liability coverage to far more comprehensive policies.

Why Do You Need an Insurance Agent?

We have the ability to match you with an insurance agent who specializes in the kind of insurance you may be looking for. Personal property insurance is there to protect individuals or families, while commercial insurance protects businesses. When you hire a qualified Keats insurance agent, you’ll work with someone who can help you find the best coverage for your lifestyle and budget. Our agents give you a wide range of coverage options and price points. Since they have relationships with carriers and understand the market, they know how to find the best value. Your insurance agent is there to help you and they will take time to listen and understand your needs.

Basic Coverage and Extra Coverage

With basic homeowners’ insurance, you may be covered for the cost it takes to fix the damaged property due to a fire, as well as replacement costs if your home is fully destroyed. But, does it cover you for water damage, ice damage, sewer back up or other unforeseen potential losses. There are many extra coverage types that are available such as earthquakes and floods, and losses to personal property like jewelry and electronics could have limitations. We will help you sort through the choices which include Replacement Cost on Contents and Replacement Cost for Dwellings. Replacement Cost Coverage involves the amount of money it takes to replace damaged or destroyed property with something new that is exactly the same or similar in the current market. We’re sure you’d rather be paid a replacement cost than a depreciated amount.

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We have strong relationships with major insurance carriers doing business near New Hyde Park, NY as well as smaller, regional insurers. We use these relationships to determine the best possible company and most cost effective quote for you. Contact us today to find the best homeowners insurance policy.