A foundation of home insurance coverage from The Keats Agency

No investment will be as big or as important as your home. It is where you will start your life, where your kids will grow up, and where you will grow old with your spouse. No matter what you choose to invest your money in over the course of your life, your priorities will always start and end with your home and possessions, so do not let your investments go unprotected.

With offices in New York and Georgia, The Keats Agency is able to serve your home insurance needs no matter where you live. Our agency has been engrained in several communities since 1993, and we want our neighbors to have a personal home experience they can expect every time they work with our agency. Just because the East Coast can be turbulent does not mean your home insurance has to be.

Constructing a policy customized to your preferences

You may not think you need home insurance, considering just seven percent of insured homes filed a claim in 2012, according to the Insurance Information Institute. However, a majority of those claims ranged from approximately $2,500 to over $37,000. When disaster strikes or a theft occurs, your homeowners insurance can help you so you do not have to replace and repair everything by yourself.

Whether you live in a co-op near a city, a condo on the beach, or a house upstate, The Keats Agency can find you affordable rates on your insurance. Our agents have decades of experience, and will use their expertise to find you the coverage you need. They will also work on your behalf with the insurance company to file a claim, and can even assess your claim in person.

To learn more about how The Keats Agency can fulfill your home insurance needs, contact us by calling (888) 804-5744, or come to one of our locations in New York or Georgia to discuss your options in person. You can also fill out our online form to get a free quote.