Give your spectacular view the spectacular insurance it deserves

Homeowners insurance is essential for all homes, whether a bungalow in the Adirondacks, a beach house on Long Island, or a cottage outside of Atlanta. However, you bought your coastal home to have a property different than many others, so why invest in the same standard insurance policy an average homeowner would?

After all, your coastal home has several risks many other homes do not have to deal with. Storms and hurricanes can wipe out your home in an instant, and the cost to replace it could be much higher than a standard home. Let The Keats Agency build you an insurance policy that covers your coastal home, making sure your house and its possessions do not go down the drain.

Make the most of the coast

The coast is a great area to buy a house, but it is also a high-risk area when it comes to your insurance. After all, the harshest, most inconsistent weather tends to come to areas of the country on the coast. Homes near the water can be expensive, so if you don’t have insurance, you might literally watch your investment wash away.

The Keats Agency can help you manage the coastal risks, taking into account several factors to help build the right policy for your home. Our agents can be there for you when you file a claim too, ensuring you receive full compensation from your coverage.

Don’t let the perils of the coast wash over you! Get more information on coastal insurance by calling The Keats Insurance at (888) 804-5744, or stop by one of our offices in New York or Georgia to discuss your coastal property risks in person. You can also fill out our online form to get a free quote.