Bad things do happen to good people, we all know that.

The Keats Agency believes it’s our responsibility to make a difference if one of those good people is you. When suffering a loss, what to do and what to expect can be bewildering. We want to take that out of the equation. You can rest assured the Keats Agency is committed to fulfilling its promise to stand beside you in a loss from inception to settlement. We will help to make the entire claims process easy and efficient.

The Keats Agency is known for doing more for their clients. With claims support being one of our most important functions, we created an in office claims team to support you. If you suffer a loss, call us first if at all possible. Our special claims number is (516) 686-0069.

We will make sure your loss is processed quickly and properly, and all the while protecting your rights. You can expect a call from us along the way just to make sure all is going well and to help with whatever you may need during this difficult time. In office claims support is important to us because we know how valuable it is to you.

Keats Agency Claims Support Line – (516) 686-0069
Claims Manager – Christopher Keats

We are here for you. We want to help with the process. Although, if it’s after hours, please click on the appropriate link below to start your claim.