The Keats Agency helps wash your insurance concerns away

A car wash can be a fulfilling business to run, but things are not always as glossy as a premium finish. There are a lot of moving parts, and cleaning people’s cars can be tricky. Don’t let your insurance give you the feeling of getting soap in your eyes. Instead, let the Keats Agency give you the car wash insurance your business needs.

Our doors have been open since 1993, and we have served businesses of all kinds with insurance coverage tailored to their specific needs. Our agents have decades of combined experience and working knowledge of several different industries. We can construct a policy that covers all the business risks you need for a reasonable price.

Covering you from head to toe

Car washing is an all-year-round job, whether washing off mud in the summer or salt in the winter. As with many aspects of the auto repair and maintenance industry, car wash establishments have a lot of equipment and have different kinds of risks inherent to the car wash process. Since you make sure cars are squeaky clean, our agents will make sure your insurance policy is squeaky clean too.

The Keats Agency is the passenger you want to have when it comes to your car wash insurance. Our agents do not miss a spot when they evaluate areas of your business that may be exposed to significant loss.

Let The Keats Agency help keep the dirt from affecting your car wash business with the right insurance. Visit one of our offices in New York or Georgia, or contact us by calling (888) 804-5744. You can also fill out our online form to get a free quote.