Protect Your Business and Employees

A good business insurance policy is essential for any business owner who wants to properly protect their hard work as well as their employees. However, dealing with insurance policies can be an overwhelming challenge. With so many kinds of insurance options and brands, how can you learn which ones will be the best fit for your business? Another crucial issue could be selecting your agent. You want someone experienced in business insurance in New Hyde Park, New York who also understands your specific needs. By spelling out available insurance options in a language you understand, we will simplify the insurance buying process.

Business Insurance

It takes lots of time to grow a business, but only seconds to hurt it. Our company looks out for your company, big or small. The businesses within the New Hyde Park, New York area matter to our community, so we want to ensure that companies like yours grow. Keats Insurance Agencies offer a range of business owner’s policies, commercial business specialty coverage, bonds, property insurance, general liability and more. If you want proper and efficient coverage for your business, contact us about our products.
Our commercial products are available for these and many other business types:

  • Wholesale and distributors insurance
  • Restaurant and liability insurance
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Service station insurance
  • Group health insurance
  • Contractors insurance
  • Real estate insurance
  • Car wash insurance
  • Day care insurance
  • Office insurance
  • Retail insurance
  • Farm insurance

Employee Insurance & Benefits

Your employees are important to your business. Healthy staff members create a happy, healthy company. Keats Insurance Agencies has a suite of group insurance products for companies of any size. We can provide group vision, life, health and dental for your employees, among other group plans.

Our employee insurance and benefits include:

  • Group vision
  • Life insurance
  • Health
  • Group dental