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Auto insurance is mandatory in 48 states, including New York because it protects everyone on the road. Even basic liability insurance policies will ensure that some damages are covered in the event of an accident. Along with protecting you, your family and your property, car insurance with Keats Insurance gives you access to valuable information from our experts. With exceptional advice from our experienced professionals, you’ll move through the claims process more quickly and more efficiently while also having a better understanding of the process.

The right auto insurance coverage can change the outcome of your incident, whether you’re at fault or not. With Keats Insurance Agency, we make it a point to work with you every step of the way to make sure that you end up with the best possible deal in every situation.

Florida, NY Affordable Auto Insurance

Keats Insurance Agency has over two decades of knowledge providing auto insurance to folks in Florida, NY with simple and inclusive insurance policies that address the unique needs of each and every client we serve. Here at Keats Insurance, we treat everyone like family. Not only do we take the time to learn your driving history, we get to know you. So you can rest assured that if you are ever involved in an accident, we will always have your back.

Go ahead and compare auto insurance prices, but what makes us different is we consider more than just pricing. We consider the potential unexpected costs like expenses above insurance policy limits. Most importantly we consider the needs of each individual on your policy when customizing coverage that works best for your lifestyle and budget. Keats Insurance Agency team checks in with our policyholders every year to discuss your insurance policy to make sure you comprehend the details of your coverage and ensure your plan is a perfect fit for you. We pick up the slack. If you ever do need to make an insurance claim, we go to work on your behalf, handling all the communication and heavy lifting with other insurance companies so you don’t have to.

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No matter whether your car is new or old, small or large, your agent will create a personalized insurance policy to address your unique situation. Keats Insurance Agency also creates policies for power sports, finding you adequate coverage for everything you drive. We also draft insurance policies for classic cars, antique cars, sports cars and a whole lot more.

Let Keats Insurance Agency build the best auto coverage for you. To find out more info on how we can be your guide for insurance, call us at (888) 804-5744. You can also visit our website to just fill out our online form for a complimentary quote in a matter of minutes.